REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles

Protect your family. Protect your investment.

Protect your home.

We didn't just refine the shingle
We redefined it.

Our REVIA premium synthetic residential roofing shingles are far superior to traditional asphalt laminates, wood shake or slate. The secret is a commercial-grade polymer that makes our shingles stronger, lighter, and easier to install and maintain. Available in a variety of popular colors and classic styles, our shingles have the same beautiful curb appeal as traditional shingles and roofing tiles. But with the ability to withstand high winds, Class 4 hail and other extreme weather, theyre designed to outperform any other shingle on the market.

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Four Distinct Profiles

Designed for Durability

Traditional Laminated Shingle

  • Glued layers can delaminate over time
  • Granule loss leads to cracking and UV degradation
  • Low tear strength and impact resistance
  • Improper nailing leads to blow-off in high winds

One-Piece REVIA Synthetic Shingle

  • Engineered materials for maximum durability
  • No granules, no asphalt, no loss of performance
  • Superior tear strength and impact resistance
  • Designed for easy installation and high-wind performance

Finally. Hail-resistant shingles


class 4 impact resistant


130-mph wind rated


class a fire rated

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